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Dissertation Format for Walden University

A Roadmap to Walden

❶The most recent issue is they sent me and my chair an email saying he had been replaced. Walden University EdD unbiased review I am just about finished with my degree.

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The texts are outdated yes, they use TEXTS at the graduate level , as are the learning resources for the classes. For example, while Walden strongly recommends using current literature within 5 years , the material they have you read for a class is at least 6 years old, or older one class used articles from the s.

If you complain to administration about any of the issues that I've mentioned, you will get passed around from department to department, with no one taking ownership. For those of you who are slackers and just want an easy means to a "degree" again, I use the term loosely , this is the school for you.

In most classes, you will receive an A no matter how little you work. You will not be challenged to perform better, as the "professors" do the bare minimum to look like they are participating, and no higher rank oversees their neglect.

Also, you may have to demonstrate your knowledge in the workplace. Your easy A will be of no use to you at that point, and your failing grammar skills will make moot the letters behind your name.

If I had taken the time to read reviews prior to enrolling, I would have attended a different school. I thankfully had a transfer credit for an organizational development and leadership course due to the group work involved.

Apparently Walden has A LOT of group oriented courses where you must depend on others to complete an assignment. I have asked too many times for syllabi on electives to avoid these courses and have been met with "Group work enhances your education and ability to work with others, blah blah blah. It is my education and if I choose not to take a group work course, that is up to me.

I have simply hit walls. It seems that many on top do not care.. I am currently looking over other institutions to see if my credits would transfer. Apparently Capella does not have group coursework. Not enough clinical hours I am not a Walden student, I am a Nurse Practitioner currently precepting a Walden student who is in her final clinical rotation and near graduation. I am extremely concerned about the relatively few clinical hours required of the students.

Based on a general review of clinical hours required to graduate from a number of schools, including Duke University, where I received my MSN, Walden had the lowest requirements.

And, sadly, it shows. My student is intelligent and motivated, and I expect that she will pass nursing boards on her first attempt, but she will have more difficulty in her first year of practice than she would have, if Walden required more clinical precepted hours.

There simply is no substitute for this time. This is, very simply, not enough hands-on, precepted, clinical time. Good if all other options are not available I completed my degree and I can relate with many of the good and bad reviews. I feel like I earned a real degree but that it was over priced. I live in the middle of Wyoming and have few options. There were some classes that were challenging and some that were not, I think that happens most places, same as my experience at the U of U.

I feel knowledgeable and am a licensed therapist now. If there are cheaper options by all means go for it, but this has worked for me in my circumstances. Thank you, Walden University!

Walden University is an excellent choice for the any student who is willing to be disciplined to study and take her or his academic pursuits seriously. Professors at Walden are willing to guide, support, and mentor you.

Walden faculty and administration will not hold your hand or coddle you. If you are not willing to study with integrity and apply yourself to every assignment, discussion post, and peer interaction, you should not apply to Walden University.

The degree will be equal to the quality of time you are willing to invest in your education. Some of my classmates at Walden have been frustrating to interact because they appeared to be putting little effort into the class. I trust the grades received highlight the effort. During my time at Walden University, I have been challenged, supported, and enlightened. Unfortunately, the financial aid and billing departments are weak and are difficult to deal with.

Academically, I am very pleased with the education that I am receiving at Walden University. I recommend Walden University. Avoid - I was falsely accused based on their error! I attended Walden University WU from unitl January when I withdrew from the class, nursing program, and university. I have 15 years nursing experience with extensive bedside and management experience.

I possess excellent writing and people skills and use rhetoric to make valid, clear points. I was 2 classes away from graduation and had rerouted by life and career in order to complete my MSN degree.

I received permission from my instructor to use some parts of a previously submitted assignment in a current assignment for her class. On New Year's Day I received an email falsely accusing me of "academic dishonesty" and "self-plagiarism". They told me I had to do some remedial on-line modules and explain my actions.

I completed the modules to discover blantant contradictions in their studnet code of conduct and the modules as well as information on the univeristy's writing center site regarding both topics I have been wrongly accused of. Why would I get permisison to cheat? How do you plagiarize yourself? Why did you grant me permission to do something you were going to punish me for doing? About 2 weeks of back and forth emails, attempted telephone conferences to bully me into seeing it their way, and threats of failure and I withdrew rather than look at by diploma and regret conceding my values.

This is the most glaring problem I had with WU; I had other issues with trying to contact academic advising, the MSN application departments, and a practicum field advisor. Attend your local university at night or through online classes. At least with a traditional brick and mortar school, there is a person at a building in an office you can look at face to face when you have a problem.

If you have K to go to Georgetown then by all means go for it. Yes, it is a internationally known school but the cost is just too high. The program at Walden is very rigorous, so be prepared to spend a great deal of time in your coursework. I spent on average hours per week writing papers, reading, and studying and that was before I started my clinical rotations.

When I began my rotations, which I doubled up on, I spent 40 hours per week at my rotation and then most every night and weekend tackling the actual coursework. It was brutal, but I completed the program with honors, Sigma Theta Tau international. I will be taking this in a few weeks. I have already submitted my licensure paperwork for my state and all they are waiting for is my certification in order to issue my license.

I have had offers for employment in both acute and primary care. I do not regret completing my degree at Walden. I feel like most people who write reviews are those people who have had a negative experience, but I really feel like it is necessary to portray the positive experience I had.

Good luck to all. Unsure and starting to reconsider my decision I'm not going to write a bias or judgmental opinion because I haven't been there long enough to do so, however I am going to write about my experience thus far and I'm anonymous because I am currently a student and fear repercussions for my review. Having transferred from my local community college, I expected most of my credit to transfer because I took mostly general education to get it out of the way.

This was not the case, as only 5 credits transferred. I was also an online student at my community college so I have knowledge of the blackboard software Walden uses. I find the required "readings and notes" do not always coincide with the subject of study, but yet you are expected to implement these in all your writings whether discussions or papers. I take pride in my writing, I tested out of lower English and Writing courses and this shows in my writing.

For my very first paper, I wrote a college level short essay as required, however I did not receive full points because apparently this is not a college level education, but instead grade school. Instead of incorporating the question into your writing, you must start your paragraph with the question; this is more like 5th grade writing. Also, there is no formal writing structure or format required; their only concern is citing your resources.

At this point, I am on the fence whether or not to continue with Walden or transfer to another online college. The field I am studying, seems to be hard to find in an online university and unfortunately I am disabled and cannot sit in a traditional classroom all day. I have researched a multitude of colleges and also read hundreds of reviews, even researched online colleges and their accreditations via the institute of higher learning website, this has not been an easy task.

This is my education and it's of the utmost importance I attend a school that I will gain the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in my career choice. At this point, the only thing I'm getting from Walden is a headache and empty pockets! Walden University DBA methodologists release a new rubric every two years with new more strict criteria that keeps the student enrolled past expected graduation. This is a breach of trust between the university and the student.

For instance, my prospectus was approved in When my chair decided to step down, I had to submit a prospectus to gain a new chair in I used the same approved prospectus from , and the methodologist deemed the prospectus unsuitable.

He suggested that I make changes to the prospectus or start over. If you applied the new rubric to those DBA students who published their dissertation prior to , most would fail. Does this mean that their dissertations are no longer scholarly?

Should their doctor degrees be revoked? Of course not, because they are grandfathered. Walden University is supposed to make a positive social change. However, the decision makers are guilty of causing a social problem. The social problem is causing minority students to accumulate debt that may take a decade or more to pay because of poor policies. Once a student starts a program, the program in place should be considered a contract between the student and the university.

When the program changes, the contract changes. If the student has to take additional classes because of the changes, a breach of contract occurs. Not only is there a delay of graduation, second and third effects occur. The student can experience anxiety, depression, loss of sleep, and loss of appetite. This experience can influence job performance. Family members can also experience the setback such as time away from the student.

Years can be wasted. Because Walden University is an accredited for-profit college that has been around for year, taking action can be intimidating. What can action lead to? First, Walden may change their policy to grandfather students on graduation criteria. Second, a lawsuit may hurt Walden financially. Third, the Department of Education may launch an investigation that threatens Walden's accreditation.

Fourth, negative social media may deter potential and current students from attending Walden University. One of the policy changes that could help students to know more about the doctoral chairs. Would you like to know the success rate of graduating students that your chair is responsible for? If you found out that your chair has never graduated anyone, wouldn't you want someone who was more proven. I suspect that there are many doctors who want students to go through unnecessary pain, because the professor had pain when going through his or her doctoral process.

To make a positive social change, Walden University DBA program needs to change its policy on changing its program and grandfathering students. If Walden University decision makers are not willing to make a positive change for students, then students need to take action against Walden University for positive change.

My first online experience with continuing my education with nursing school was with a local brick and mortar school that had an "online" program that was a mess, very disorganized, instructors were not experienced.

I ended up taking a break for a year, and many times thinking I may never go back. I began to explore various online programs for my FNP.

I applied everywhere, and I was accepted at several public programs with wait lists for the following year. I went to a seminar for the FNP program at Walden where I spoke to advisors and other nursing students. I applied, and I was accepted for six months out. They called me two months later and said they would like to offer me a spot that opened up. I began one quarter earlier than promised. I chose them because I wanted to get started, the cost was not as low as a public university, but it was less than many of the other online programs.

I want to say that if you are not accustomed to or even prepared for taking rigorous online courses, Walden is not for you. If you do not like to write in strict APA format, you do not want to learn to write well using research, or you feel it is not for you to have to learn to discuss things in writing on a scholarly, evidenced-based level, Walden is not for you.

If you are not prepared to spend hours per week at a minimum on your classwork, do not waste your money by going to Walden. I am an A-B student, I do not have a 4. I have three children, two of which are school age. I work full time. Most of the instructors are not only experienced, they are currently working in a full time position outside of their instructional position, so they are well versed in current clinical issues.

We take two 5 hour classes at a time for which we post 1 main post words minimum, with references and a minimum of 3 discussion posts word minimum, with references. We write one paper every other week in each class, they are usually staggered between the two classes.

Those papers are sometimes page papers, but there is usually a large project or a longer paper due once per quarter per class towards the end.

I am currently in my Advanced Pathophysiology class, and, very much like RN school, it is like taking a sip out of a fire hydrant. It is a ton of information, and it takes a lot of time to sort out. Last week we had 15 chapters of reading assigned and a page paper with a mind map. There were two discussions so we had to post the two word posts and then have 4 responses with APA format by the end of the week.

My instructor has her DNP and she is an experienced, practicing nurse practitioner. Each nursing instructor I have had has either had her Doctorate or her PhD. I work with many nurses who are in graduate school and taking online courses from several different schools, and it is a given that you have to find your own preceptors. I am not shocked that people are not happy with the program, because I think that people go into these programs without realizing how disciplined you must be to earn a clinical degree online.

For the lady who thought the program was "boring," all I have to say is that graduate school is not for your entertainment. For the ones who did not get their paperwork in on time, I am sorry to hear it. I think that Walden does a great job with the organization because they have been an online school for a long time. The classes have consistency across the board. The rules are the same, it is only the subjects and assignments that change for the course content. The advisors do take some time to get ahold of at times, but it is still better than most brick and mortar schools I have attended where the advisors are almost impossible to talk to.

However, my instructors are readily available and believe in what they do. I cannot finish this review without talking about the people who I attend graduate school with. They are from all over the country. They have all levels of experience. They work in all kinds of specialties.

The discussions we have are enlightening. We all support each other and often discuss solutions for issues in our workplace. I feel so satisfied with my experience at Walden because it is a great education for the people who take the time to really interact. Online classes are not for everyone. Graduate school is not for everyone either. It is really important to be realistic about what your strengths are, and how you learn, before you choose a place to prepare to become an Advanced Practice Nurse.

For me, Walden has been a great experience so far, well worth the money, and well worth the time investment in myself. I am in my 9th quarter with them a little over a year and I have had a great experience. Enrolling into Walden was very easy with their rolling enrollment. I didn't have to take any of the standardized tests that many U. I have noticed a growth in myself professionally and knowledge through the courses I have taken.

I love that Walden is completely online and they include your books in tuition. They have a great IT program that will help with any technical problems at any time of day. I would reccommend Walden to anyone looking for an online degree. The school is not CEPH accredited. Since the school is not accredited cannot sit for any certification nor can you participate in any fellowships or internships.

I found it I will have to repeat the first 5 courses or the core requirement from a CEPH accredited school. Employers do not view Walden's MPH program as acceptable for employment. Please prior to enrollment look at other options for online MPH programs. There are many schools that offer online programs that are CEPH accredited.

Unsure of this University so far!!! What is the deal with all the reading and writing papers and posting blogs and crap? Also, what is up with all the touchy-feely posts this University has their students write? They always want you to reflect about what you've learned this week Are you kidding me?

Before he started, we read a ton of reviews how this was the University for you if you were an older student, already established in a career field and were a self motivated student. I agree one should be self motivated for these classes, but some of the coursework requirements seems to treat the students like they are just out of high school.

The instructors always ask what are your career goals in each class. My husband is already in his career and has been for over 20 years, as I'm sure many of these adult leaners are They are not right out of high school! I am not even sure if my husband will continue his education at Walden, as they seem to treat the ADULT learner like adolescents. Let me add how the instructors really don't teach. They give you the course material, expect postings and projects in by their deadlines and that's about it.

They don't actually teach, they just grade your work, but then again, that is part of a complete online education. Walden could do better with their curriculum and it would be nice if their tailored it around the ADULT learner!

Don't have emdical probems during class. Getting into school is relatively easy. The advisers were very friendly and helpful in completing all documentation for enrollment. I started having medical problems, serious medical problems with a brain infection and spinal cord damage and neck problems in my class.

I am going through a tremendous amount of medical examinations and tests along with taking a lot of medication. Some medication I take are muscle relaxants and painkillers which make me sleep in incoherent. I tried to withdraw from the University and the University told me I could not. They informed me I would have to fail the class and I could petition for a withdrawal grade of W but as I mentioned would have to fail the class 1st. I informed them I don't remember what I'm reading or what I am submitting in paperwork due to the medication.

I informed them I'm paying for the education but I don't know I'm being educated on because of the medicine. They simply said were sorry but you have to fail first. So far a positive experience I've been a student at Walden for 3 years, previously a community college student. Most of my curriculum has been on par with my community college experience. Yes, it is an expensive school, but you are paying for time. You are paying for the experience of an accelerated program that is convenient for a busy lifestyle.

I feel like I have learned quite a bit. And I'm a busy mom in addition to being a student, so just think what I could learn if I weren't as distracted! I'm always envious of the younger students who are able to dedicate much more to the learning process. Many of the classes feel repetitive, but I'm guessing that's how most upper coursework feels, at any college.

However, I'm on this page, reading reviews, because I'm nervous about how my degree will be perceived. So far so good! I've been at Walden University online now for about a year and it has been a great experience thus far. I'm a father and husband, and full-time employee, so finding the right place online was tough.

But I think Walden has everything you need. Great intuitive online platform. Tons of resources available to their students online, and at a fair price. I will only speak to my major and the curriculum and staff surrounding those courses, as I feel those are the most valuable to a working adult looking to complete their degree in a specific field.

The teachers are great. I've had one 'meh' experience with one instructor, but the support of the class more than made up for it. When you get to these techie courses, the University, by default, has already weeded out the students who do not belong.

So having said that, my technical classes have been awesome. The online discussions are very valuable, the books and materials are great, and the resources Java discussion groups in the online campus are fantastic. It's very challenging, however in a good way. Don't expect to come in and breeze through X years and get your degree. It definitely takes time and hard work here, but you'll learn a lot and enjoy the experience if you commit yourself.

The admissions process was smooth; very friendly. My ongoing support of academic advising is superior to other online colleges and universities. There's even an online chat option for instant response. Walden University EdD unbiased review I am just about finished with my degree.

It has been about 6 years of work. Most of it has helped broaden my educational skill sets. There have been some delays but overall I have consistently moved forward towards completion. I have just finished my form and style review and am in the process of constructing my power point for my final orals. I have had overall a good experience and I am hopeful that the degree will help elevate my professional status. I understand that there are others that have had some challenges and personally know of one that had to get a new chairperson.

The concept of finishing in three years my not be true because many have to work a full time job while attending this university. I have another friend earning his PhD from another online university that completed it in 7 years.

It really depends on the type of study you will do and what is involved in getting it approved. Online work is much more difficult than brick and mortar because of the impersonal nature and the fact that there are some delays in communication.

So if you sign on don't be dissillusioned into thinking that it will be a piece of cake. It is not and the workload is comparable to a doctor's degree at any major university. I thought the residencies were just OK. I really think the residencies are for those people that need personal contact.

This university is an accredited school that offers an alternative path towards higher education. Immoral and Unprofessional Avoid this school at all costs. After five classes, I called it quits.

Four classes of no interaction with instructors and perfect scores on every assignment which led my to believe nothing was being graded as long as they were getting paid. I expected a level of academic integrity and would rather had feedback based upon my work not just being handed out grades. The fifth class that ended my tenure there was finally instructor involvement but very highly unprofessional involvement and then I started to notice that I might actually have been the only real student in the class because everyone else had to same writing style on the discussion board, every post was formatted the exact same way.

It made me believe I was interacting with phony students or just names to fill up the class. But, two weeks later, I now have a balance on my account for money that they claim they returned to the lender and are trying to collect on it. But when I contacted the lender, they said no money was returned so they are trying to scam extra dollars out of me.

Stay away from the university at all costs. ASU lacks innovation, commitment to their students, knowledge checks, and forward progress. At ASU students are numbers in a large pool of academic brick and mortar learning methods that have not made forward progress. At Walden, I have learned so much more than I ever could have hoped for thus far a year into my MBA work and am ever more pleased with each passing course.

ASU is so in love with themselves that they have forgotten to love their students; Walden pays close attention to the delivery of your course materials, timeliness of responses, instructor feedback, and all areas of communication.

I spend 30 hours a week easily on my MBA readings alone. I suppose I could skim some material similar to ASU and it would go unnoticed; however, I would feel cheated.

I am engaged with the material provided and look forward to my readings, discussion postings, and course assignments. Walden's ability to keep me engaged is certainly no accidental pathway; they are an "excellent" University! Thank You Walden, Rachel Kova. I was a bit skeptical about Walden when I first started.

Some people have had bad experiences, but online schooling is what you make of it. Also, you know about your practicum from day 1 so you should start looking for preceptors in your area as soon as school starts so when it is time for your practicum you are not stuck and have to transfer to another school.

The teachers have been amazing, the course work has been great! Some of the course work has been challenging. My academic adviser is wonderful. You can get help from the writing center, library, academic adviser, and your teacher! They also have a program where you can submit your papers before turning them in and it will tell you what you need to correct to make it the right APA format and your grammar errors.

I can not say enough good things about Walden! When you first start, not a lot of things are explained so you have to dig in and ask the questions that you need answered!

Like I said, they will not hold your hand. My experience has been Awesome and I can not wait to graduate. I would recommend this program to everyone. You MUST be able to manage your time and outside activities. You can spend anywhere from hours a week on school work due to the required readings and assignments.

It's not a walk in the park but it can be done if you really want to succeed. Skip Walden I attended Walden for 3 years, with a 4. If you transfer, you have to start over with a new college. This is a scam and the worst decision that I ever made. There is absolutely no support system for students. Many of these instructions give whatever grade they see fit.

Basically, it works against the student. Faculty is all part of this behavior. Mind, you my grade weight percentage was at The instructor stated it would be a small penalty. This instructor reply was sent back to me in bold italic with a sarcastic tone. I also, attach a copy to the Associate Dean, School of Psychology department and waited 3 months for a reply, my grade was never change.

The financial Aid department is unprofessional and has no telephone etiquette. However, now in my last course, the discussions post are due on 4th day which is Thursdays, no later than midnight eastern standard time; the written assignments are due on the Sunday by midnight. The grades suppose to be posted no later than Monday and Tuesday within that week. This instructor is posting grades at the very end of the second week. What is going on here? When I approach the instructor in reference to grading scale, reply was grades are not posted until the end of the second week.

I attach the grade posting guidelines, to provide differently. I never receive a follow-up reply regarding matter. I told each and everyone them to look elsewhere.

There are a range of problems and wrong doing that is going-on at Walden University. Received a Master's degree--fine! Completed all required courses for the Ph. This is unbelievable and embarrassing.

A good selection if you like online education I have taken 3 classes from Walden so far in the DBA program. The program is difficult and not something to take lightly. Taking one class at a time is definitely a must. I have seen professors with lots of experience both in the online campus and in the two residencies I have attended. I cannot speak on how the program was before but it is worth a look if you are trying to find a school with an online doctorate program.

I had a total of 6 classes transferred in four from my MBA and two from another doctoral program Columbia Southern University. I left CSU because there was little rigor in most of the classes and I would have felt like my Doctorate meant nothing after it was completed. The total opposite has been proven true with Walden. My job is paying for mine so I am not hurt by the high cost as others maybe. Books are included in the price of tuition a plus for me.

I never felt supported and had to ask numerous times to get questions answered. They told me they would assist with clinical placements and they did not. And the Walden staff could care less! Thousands of dollars spent on this degree and now I will have to transfer and spend more money to complete it.

The instructors were marginal at best. Do not waste your money on this school! Many good classes, one terrible class.

I really enjoyed most of my experiences and had some great instructors. And a financial class that was made tougher by the the European text but questions from U. Also, I had all A's until my last instructor. Heller was a harsh grader and was poorly skilled at communicating how to improve at anything. We had a text that was all about empowering people and I felt like he made a clear divide: It would not change anything nor would it lead to enlightenment.

I only studying about 3 weeks for the exam, a few hours per day, and passed it easily. Walden is not for everyone, they will not hold your hand in this program, but they will teach you everything you need to know to be successful You can make your experience at Walden as good as you choose it to be. I had a great experience, and learned an immense amount.

I am now working at a rural health clinic Monday through Friday, with a fantastic salary. I am well respected by my colleagues, who have never once been concerned about my education. I have even been told that I seem very well prepared for the job. Walden is a great school!

Sadly, once I started the dissertation process, I was ignored and on my own, no help from anyone. Very neglected, hired another instructor privately to critique my dissertation and statistical analysis. How did that happen??? In my opinion the biggest difference between Walden and the Brick and Mortar School where I completed my Masters Degree is the Walden Graduate Students were of a slightly lower caliber.

If you want your Doctorate expect to pay in lost sleep, broken relationships, and a healthy does of misery. That is why so few people have the degree. Is Walden a for profit? Does that mean they are mercenary? Not at all, unless you are a quitter who thought that acceptance into a PhD program somehow meant you were promised a degree in the future irrespective of your perseverance.

Review of Walden Univ I have just completed my Ph. I had previously earned my Bachelor and Master degrees in a traditional state university. I can attest that the course work at Walden University is just as demanding, if not more demanding, than a traditional and reputable university.

The fact that it is an online institution requires the student to be more self-motivated because there are no professors and other classmates to remind you on a daily basis in a face-to-face setting to complete your assignments.

Further, in an online environment, you cannot hide in the back of the class and not participate in class discussions and debates because every word is posted online in the classroom forum and you simply cannot hide or only pretend to participate.

The course work and requirements at Walden are quite rigorous, and demanded substantial self-motivation to complete, although support from the professors and others from the university is always available. Online universities are still a new phenomenon to many students and at times scare them because of the uncertainty of how an online learning environment compare with a traditional classroom setting.

I have seen some of the negative comments posted about Walden, and I speculate that these negative comments are from students who had expected an easy ride from an online university, but only to find that they had to work hard to earn a degree from Walden. In the end, these students are either expelled, dropped out, or given low grades for not being able to keep up with the rest of the class, and they turned to writing negative comments about Walden to vent.

I must say that it is sad to see students who do not want to invest the time and hard work into earning a degree at Walden, but who can only invest time into badmouthing a school that refused to give them an easy ride in earning a college degree or high GPA. Overall, I am very happy that I had attended Walden, which provided me with the knowledge and skills to continue my academic and professional endeavors.

Do not go to this school! This school is out to get your money. I am in the MSN program everything was great until it came to my practicum. They lie to get in the school. My advisor told me the school will help find preceptors but they do not. Once they got you in they got you. I should have known something was wrong when it was too easy to get in the program. The quality of the curriculum is awful I feel as though I am teaching myself.

This school does not prepare student nurse practitioners to be confident or competent enough to go out into the field and make accurate diagnoses. When I talk to people in the field, they say Walden University where is that school located then they frown when they realize it is an online program. In fact, some preceptors told me they won't even touch Walden students. Buyer beware I would look for another school. I wished someone warned me before I spent money.

I am leaving this school and going to a real school that will teach real hands on skills. Good program but some professors are heartless Last term I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I kept in communication with my instructors about treatment and so forth. I was told that during my surgery and treatment that I would be given extensions on my assignments but they needed completed by the end of the term. One instructor followed through, while the other instructor for my research class did not.

She stated that I needed to go through disability services to get the extra time after I was told she would. Disability services said that because it was a past illness they surgically removed the cancer I did not qualify. I ended up failing the research class which devastated my GPA. I received a failing grade for having cancer and now will be expelled and lose my financial aid for the same reason.

Do some research Walden University is what you make of it. Do not forget the goal you set for yourself. It has also allowed me to take a deeper look at public policy and administration.

I will agree that the school is more liberal than I would like, but have never been faulted for my point of view supported by researched facts.

In regards to financial experience, it is the students responsibility to know what money they are spending. In regards to advisors, it is the students responsibility to obtain their education and ask the right questions.

You don't buy a house or car without reading the contract of sale. In regards to instructor feedback, how much feedback do you need if you are meeting the standards of the rubric, besides a grade.

In regards to the dissertation, which I will begin soon, it is my responsibility with mentorship from the chair and committee to complete. In regards to accreditations and recognition from potential employers, if the organization does not equally consider the degree obtained, it is that organizations loss and a place I would not care to work.

Lastly, I do understand each and every bad review; but what I see is a reaction to what could have been avoided with more prior in-depth research. Walden is a good school, which complements those with on the job experience future self betterment, while at the same time allowing the student to give back to the community in some way by producing a published document highlighting a social change issue.

When I applied at Walden and saw how easy it was to get in, it should have been a huge red flag for me. You pay thousands of dollars for courses that are high school level. The problem is, it is not learning. It is not the type of work that really allows you to think for yourself and engage in meaningful dialogue with the instructors and fellow students. Everyone answers the same questions and basically writes the same summaries of the information. What finally got me to leave the school was the fact that in my last class at Walden, my teacher waited until the last week to grade 5 assignments.

This included my final paper which was 21 pages long. The electronic classroom tracks when you submit assignments and when they are received, viewed, and graded by the instructor. These 5 assignments were all graded within a 2 minute time period. In other words, the teacher did not read them. The content of what you write, and therefore the content of what you actually learn in the classes at Walden, does not matter. Just pay your bill and submit something that can be graded so it can appear that actual learning is taking place.

It really is a shame. I want to earn one. Frustrating Experience Walden is an online school and they all have there pros and cons. It is NO cakewalk! If there is anything I dislike about Walden's online programs it is this: You are enrolled in classes by the academic advising department. They do not desire or respond to your input. They select the professor for you, order your books, and basically have the control to do it without your input. I recently was enrolled in two nursing practicums at once and received a bill for both.

It was an error or oversight on the part of the academic advising department. The issue is having to undo what is done. Many phone calls, waiting, hoping, and nailbiting while they fixed the problem. Then, I was enrolled in a practicum before my preceptor had been approved and began receiving strict guidelines from the instructor early in the morning on the weekend, a week before the class was to start.

I immediately decided this was an over-zealous, micro-managing type of person who did not care that students were intently studying for their final tests in the classes that were ending.

She just decided to save some time and work ahead and invade our email with detailed restrictive guidelines that she wanted students to follow for her class a week off. When I requested to be moved from her class to another, it was like an act of Congress. It's a very powerless feeling. She had no clinical experience in Nursing but instead had completed her undergraduate degree and then worked straight through for her Doctorate. My parents were both teachers. Their moto was, "Those that can, do.

Those who can't, teach. But we all know that Experience is a Great teacher!! Walden would be a better school if they would give students the opportunity to have input into their educational experience and not dictate the process.

As with many other students, due to commitments and responsibilities of work and family from a time management perspective, Walden happened to be one of only a few "accredited" options online that were available to me for a terminal degree.

After reading many of the comments left here my personal observation is that many, if not most people writing their praises or complaints, are writing them from a far too short-sighted perspective; cost, bad teachers, bad communication, hard classes, easy classes, etc. These are problems and issues that will likely happen anywhere, regardless of the school, so are all short-term considerations in your education.

So taking a step back, I would suggest you look at the long-term payoff or lack thereof from an online institution like Walden. And herein, to me, lies the real rub. Even my wife who is a nursing director at a major hospital here in SE Michigan agrees with this from the nursing point-of-view. And it is here, unfortunately, that Walden graduates and probably most of the other online school graduates will fall miserably short.

So IMHO, take this into consideration when making your decision where to attend school, accordingly! A good experience, teacher were supportive, the writing center, the student support and the student adviser.

There were challenging time but at the end of it all the whole journey was worth every penny. A living educational nightmare! That's right, it's for profit all the way. I initially boasted about Walden on a daily basis. I have experienced 2 excellent professors out of How did this world come to the point when teachers do not instruct, guide, answer questions and explain? There are incompetent teachers nationally not globally , but this is a disgrace!

They only give assignments and most do not want to be questioned by any means. I do not pay tuition to hear their crap, I actually do pay tuition to learn, to improve, to grow and to be able to offer and to provide to my students quality instruction and to prepare them for real-life experiences in the real world.

I am well pleased to read all of the negative reviews because my review falls into the same category. It's an educational nightmare! There is little or no communication. The hypocrisy there is "dominate"! We are taught to be the "finest" in education. Well, I am here to tell you that it takes the finest to instruct one to become the finest. There is no instruction. As a teacher, I ask questions, answer questions, instruct according to the need of the students, promote engagement in learning, reward and above all, as a lifelong learner, whatever it takes for me to improve my strategies in learning, I may every attempt to fulfill it.

Certain departments will detain you as long as you will allow it. The other departments except administration and academic advising have been positive. At least the public school administrators work for their salaries and I have seen them fulfill this throughout multiple years in education. The high caliber administrators don't care at all and the academic advisers are rotten to the core.

This school has an ongoing interest in "feedback". You know what you represent! Just in case you don't know, you are incompetent in most categories. I would never take away from the few who are doing an excellent job.

I wish that I had not ever had anything to do with Walden. PhD Eoidemiology I am currently enrolled in the doctoral program for public heath epidemiology tract. Every job posting I have looked at will only interview you if you graduate from a CEPH accredited program.

I have read on other blogs that people could not get jobs because no one wanted the degree from a school from a non-CEPH accredited program.

I guess you could get a job i some remote area of the world or area where there are limited applicants but I am hugely concerned as I am paying huge amounts of money for this school. No don't get me wrong- I am doing well in the program but very concerned about the marketability of this program. I have twice requested to be put in contact with an alumni from this school with this degree that is gainfully employed and have gotten no response when they told me they would.

What does everyone else think? The jobs I have looked at want extensive research experience from their grad school experience and you don't get that here and publishing is not an encouraged task. What does everyone else out there think? I am basically in this program because I cannot quit my job and go to a brick and mortar school full time. I am considering changing my major and going to another school with fully accredited programs in their area of expertise.

Unhappy Educator Shortly after enrolling at Walden I was attacked by my neighbor with a hammer to my head. I suffered physically and mentally. I filled out all the paperwork that the school claimed would fix this problem.

I cannot find anyone who can give me an explanation for this or anyone that can fix this problem. My goal was to finish in 3 years. I am pleased with the education received at Walden. It was a roller coaster ride and one of the toughest challenges in my life. You can expect any PhD program to be challenging and even frustrating. Would you want to attend a university for a PhD that wasn't rigorous?? You can expect any PhD program to have some instructors who care and others who seemingly do not.

Just as there were some classes I liked and others that I did not. But I pressed on and kept my eyes on my goals. As a working parent, the program and accessibility at Walden was exactly what I needed. The dissertation process was long and grueling but I was relentless and faced every obstacle with the notion that those issues would not last forever and there is a solution for everything. Completing my program was a test of every skill I could muster up from pacing to collaborations.

I lost my entire dissertation committee and had to seek out a brand new committee, Walden IRB and the community organization for my research were at odds about procedure putting me square in the middle to figure out how to fix the issue , my research seemed endless, the stress was at an all time high, and I was nervous about the presentations and expectations of me as the "expert".

But these are not unique issues to Walden and I suspect they are not unique to me. During the same time I went through my Walden doctoral program, a friend of mine went through a PhD program through our local large brick-and-mortar university where I obtained my undergraduate degree. Our doctoral program stories, concerns, frustrations, triumphs, and educational process were the same.

We leaned on each other constantly for support and guidance. The only exception was she did comps for candidacy and I did not. However, I consider the difference between her passively sitting in her graduate classes versus me actively researching and writing weekly in scholarly online discussions to be huge variants but valuable. I don't concern myself with how many people have heard of Walden. There are thousands of colleges which folks have never heard of.

P and I worked hard for it. After numerous applications, I was hired at a local college to teach in my field of study. Graduate studies is not easy but most things worth having are not easy feats. Best wishes to all, wherever you choose to attend, on your future goals. Excuse any typos, it happens: Busy work As a teacher at Walden I found that the course materials were very poor with no clear behavioral objectives.

There was a strong hierarchical structure which was inappropriate in dissertation supervision, where a consensual structure is generally acceptable elsewhere. The IRB was just an empire-building unit which stifled important topics related to disability.

The URR was capricious and contradictory, headed and staffed by people who were often un-qualified in statistics. I should have been compensated for the time lost for not having a chair but I was not. I felt that I was being treated unfairly. I just started the dissertation process and one of my Chair members has been amazing and timely however the other took a long time to get back to me with edits that were not helpful at all. Not only that, I had to spend a huge amount of tie learning another way to turn in my work through a different program.

The edits were demeaning and vague. I want to start working on my chapters but the other chair member told me to rethink or change all of my research questions however did not tell me why or offer any suggestions.

I cannot work on my other chapters if I don't even know if my study will be approved. I am so frustrated. I researched how to get a different committee member and I have to wait until the beginning of a new quarter if I want to make changes meanwhile I waste another quarter of school. I was also told this was a two to three year program including the dissertation. It's not as I have already been a student over two years and have not even gotten my prospectus approved yet.

I don't want to go into huge debt due to all of the misleading information. I also know of another person who ran out of money and had to drop out. I hope this does not happen to me. I am in 3rd semester of stage 2 of my EdD Limited comments from both committee members and loosing money on repeated tuition. Positive social change involves seeing Walden reimburse us all for the damage they have caused.

Walden University, has thrown me out of the PHD clinical psychology program at my dissertation stage. Yes, I had the same issue. My chairs changed and were unresponsive. They claim I still owe them money, so I cannot even get a transcript sent to the University where I work, which is jeopardizing my employment.

I am having a lot of the same problems. They are holding my transcript hostage. How do I join this lawsuit? Walden University milked my student aid then dropped me when I no longer had aid available just 3 classes shy of graduating. I am currently experiencing the prolonging response from my URR for the dissertation process. I have the same issues. Yet I have had my same chair.

I have been in Walden since and I am still not finished. This is going on 9 years. I have raked up over K in student loan debt. When I get through this I will be finished with Walden and these shenanigans. It took me over two years to get my dissertation through I went up the ladder through the department chair, the program director, all the way to the ombudsman, and finally started getting something done.

I had put my name in on the lawsuit with all of the documentation that they requested. It's not just obstruction of education, it's extortion! I started in Stuck at the proposal stage for 3 years. Walden University is about money, not social change. We can't all be wrong It looks like this site follows the docket for the case: I've been a student at Walden since I got through all of my coursework with a 3.

Now I've been in the prospectus phase for more than 6 months with 0 progress. They told me today that I may have to completely rewrite my dissertation from scratch with a new topic because they don't understand the research methodology. It's pretty freaking simple: It's a time-panel analysis, quasi-experimental study that uses archival data to establish a linear regression delta.

That delta is then compared to various socio-economic variables to determine if there is correlation. Not freaking rocket science, but they don't understand it. I've gotten everything from "you can't use archival data" which is BS because Walden's policy states that I can , to "this is too hard". I was told when I signed up for my PhD that many of my previous courses in my specialty from a real university would be accepted. After three semester I was told, nope got to start all over.

No response from any of the administration, "professors", just bills. I have definitely been in the same boat I recently contacted the Accreditation office; Unfortunately, my Mom passed and I never contacted or filled out the paperwork; then my chair was switched.

I can agree with the comments of the others. My prospectus was approved in April of and I have not been able to get any part of my Proposal approved since. I have had to change committee members and experience my chair going on vacation in the middle of a quarter when every member of the dissertation shell was struggling with various problems.

The committee member had previously reviewed my proposal as the committee person - so she obviously forgot what role she was in on the committee. Last month I submitted my 6th draft of my proposal. A month later it had not been reviewed and returned. After I inquired about it my chair told me to email the committee member and see where she was with the revisions. Two weeks later I received the previous draft with the same revisions. I emailed her and told her what she had done and I attached the newly revised draft to the email.

She responded with the same previous draft attached. I responded informing her of what she had done and told her that perhaps the chair could straighten it all out when she returned from vacation.

The committee member replied saying she agreed but she did not know what the problem was. Last quarter when I discussed my financial situation with my chair she promised me that I would be presenting my oral defense by the third week of this quarter - didn't happen. Also, last quarter, my chair informed me that she had talked to the President of the School of Human and Social Behavior. She said that he discussed granting me a Certificate of Doctorial Studies which would be an official document.

I could also use it if I decided to return and get my degree later. I have no more money. My financial aid is exhausted. I am a handicapped legally blind , retired, senior citizen. I have not been able to secure a loan without a co-signer. No one that I know will co-sign for a person who is nearly or will be 80 years of age. I am out of pocket for this quarter and will probably be force to drop out without receiving a degree. I have spent so many hours, made so many sacrifices, done so much research and encountered so much debt only to have it end this way.

Walden University has deceived me and prostituted me for the money they have received from my financial aid. Friends, everyday there are more and more of us added to the list here. Are you taking action? We will stop them by taking action. This cannot go on forever. Tona, which lawsuit did you join? Do you have the case number?

I am experiencing the same issue in that my first chair was a new PhD graduate from a different university with no experience in mentoring DBA students. I began the series with him in January, In October , the rubric was rewritten by a quantitative PhD, and very little guidance for qualitative doctoral study papers was, or has since, been provided. By January my paper was nowhere. I had took an eight-week break due to exhaustion and my lack of confidence in my chair-person.

Prior to the eight-week break, I submitted a revision to my chair person. I submitted later than the Application due date, but did that with my chair-person's permission. It took seven weeks to get feedback on that. Administration would not waive my tuition because I submitted one application paper out of how many since starting the program? At this time, the same two chapters with a myriad of edits due to feedback from my new chair has been in the hands of two chairpersons since October , and I am nowhere near MyDr submission.

Some of us should have been grandfathered in by enrollment date when the new rubric was thrown at us. I am tapped out on financial aid and now have a block on my account, and can't register for the next class.

I am going to check out the site A. My apologies - I meant to say my two chapters have been in the hands of two different first chairpersons since October , not I am a former Walden U. I dropped out in August after being enrolled since June I breezed through the courses with A's in every class but one. Most of the classes had several papers to create and submit, and I had no issues. I was on the dissertation process for 3 years. This is what I wrote when I finally understood that they were playing with me and had no intentions of helping me progress nor complete the process: I am withdrawing from the university because I have been on a non-stop merry-go-round with writing a dissertation for at least 3 years.

As a professional educational unit, one of your instructors, professors, or advisors should have contacted me at least 2 years ago to support me if I was on the wrong track. Red flags should have popped up to one of your leaders after a student with almost straight A's in course writings suddenly is struggling. But the only time anyone from your institution contacts me is when my money is late. I have the exact same issue.. I was a Walden Doctoral Student for five years and the doctoral study process just went on endlessly..

I went through three committee chairs, and I just couldn't get through the methodologist. I ran out of money and with no hope of ever being allowed to finish I finally accepted the fact that I was being strung along to keep paying the tuition fees. This is quite a money machine Walden created. I have spent over 70k at this school for nothing. I am a disabled Veteran currently in my 2nd quarter of my dissertation. I busted my butt while on active duty using Tuition Assistance and attending night school even while deployed to Iraq.

I attended an incredible school called National University who treated their Veterans with great respect.

I previously wanted to study PTSD in veterans but after attending 3 residencies and begging for help during the "advising" sessions I left every time feeling like a total idiot and wanting to quit.

Every professor I asked for help did the opposite. They did everything but call me stupid. I do have a learning disability and this did not help matters and asking for help did not help in any way. I have spent around 4 hours everyday working on my dissertation and it takes weeks to hear anything from my "committee" and I have to look in ten different places for the feedback which is completely useless.

I am now back in California sleeping on my friends couch and helping her babysit her children. If it weren't for her Walden would have been the reason for another homeless Veteran.

At this point I will not have enough money to finish my dissertation so I am looking into other options. I am going to start looking for an lawyer but if there is a lawsuit already in place I am more than willing to assist in any way that I can.

I have attended 6 other schools including online programs prior to Walden and they are by far the absolute worst school I have ever attended. I don't know how they even call themselves a school! The professors don't even read your work, you can never get in contact with anyone, when you do they tell you to go read a page document, or direct you to an online source that takes you 2 hours to find. My email address is Rebekah. Just reading others comments makes me sick to my stomach but makes me realize that Walden needs to pay for what they have done to us.

I am having issues with Walden University. I am in the Doctorate of Business program and have issues with my topic. I had my topic through the beginning of my program and not one instructor corrected it until 2 days after it was due for Chair selection. Timeliness is not the only issue. I have not had a class with a faculty professor and this is a doctoral program.

I am in the Doctorate of Higher Education program and for the past year I have been given no clear guidance from my chairperson about my topic until the third semester. This semester that just completed on Sunday Oct 18, it took the chairperson 5 weeks into the semester to return my draft back to me because the chairperson said they could not find the second chair. This situation put me behind the timeline that I set out which I feel set me up to fail.

My email address is toffee yahoo. The dissertation process was completely drawn out with very little support. I would like to be included in the suit against this university. I graduated with an Ed.

D from Walden University. However, the dissertation process took 3 years, during which time I was forced, if I wanted to graduate with my degree, to continue to take out student loans. I have graduate peers that have graduated from other Universities whose dissertation process took only one traditional semester.

The dissertation process was entirely too long, and many times I had to wait weeks to hear back from advisors, professors, or other school support. I have been dealing with completing my dissertation for my doctoral program as well. I had two professors that would not complete my work or answer me through phone contact or email. I used up two semesters of financial loans I made my complaints but was told the professor has small children, well she was also getting paid by my tuition.

I have exhausted all my loan amounts and can't afford additional money to complete. This is wrong on every account. My first chair provided erratic and contradictory feedback to the point were I was afraid to submit drafts. When I did my Oral Defense of my Proposal, she on the recording says she was wowed by my presentation content and my public speaking because she never expected me to make it that far.

Shortly after my defense, she was removed by the university with no explanation. Many former students let current students who had her that the university was harassing her and it was likely the reason for her odd work and feedback to us. I lost my second member as well and got no help.

The MyDR system might be an overall improvement but because of lag time in notifications and "resets" I think it adds time to many steps by locking people out while the computer does its thing. The university seems to have take some steps to fix the process, but they are kicking people out who have been stuck and they have made to effort to make amends to those of use who did not demand refunds for quarters spent waiting for feedback. I am thrilled to have my Ph. They explained that the full Psychology Licensure program was I did my internship and then struggled through dissertation for several more years.

I completed everything with good grades and a member of Psi Chi except the dissertation. Then the availability of funds ran out. Now I am deep in debt and have nothing to show for it. I was a student in the MS Organizational Psychology program. I was near the end of my program but had to drop out after being jerked around and racking up insane debts.

I didnt know there was a class action lawsuit until I got a noticed via Facebook. I am having the same issue, meeting my 8 year threshold and the school threatening to dismiss me. I filed for an petition extension for medical reasons and being a 24 hour caregiver to my Mother and they have denied my my request. Even though, I have graduated in with PhD, I have experienced the same issues of dissertation delays.

In addition, I started with KAM courses which were a complete waste of time and money. I am an ABD. Having moved where Internet access became impossible, Walden was unwilling to make acommendations. I we thousands in student loans and will never be able to pay them back. I have had the same issue with Walden University and I would like to know how to be a part of this class action lawsuit.

I have numerous emails and complaints that I made to the President and Chairs of my departments. Walden University delayed my dissertation process, was non-responsive and had unqualified faculty. I have full documentation to substantiate my issue and now I have thousands in students loans that I will never be able to repay.

Yes, I am having the same Issue. I thought it was just me for a minute, because the faculty did not want me speaking of this in the course to my colleagues, but now I understand why! I would love to be a part of this Class Action Suit against Walden and their unqualified faculty as I see that their are too many that have suffered in the same way dealing with Walden University I have been working on my PHD in public health for over 8 years. I can't complete it is appalling. I am still at first step in PHD.

No money left,Hugh debt. I am completing my Ed. The classes are redundant. I spent the first year on basic information that was covered working on my Bachelor's degree. Paying for too much and taking far too long for what I have received. I had a 6-year degree when representatives came to my school. We had a cohort of 5 that started together. I was told that it would probably take less time because I could just build on my research.

Instead, my thesis went on forever. Once it was resubmitted, they would find a few more. This went on for months. My chair quit in the middle of the process, and the committee was reformed. My second chair finally told the committee that approving the paper and then sending it back with more minor corrections was ridiculous.

Only when he threatened to go above their heads was I allowed to defend. I found a couple of lawyers willing to take the case, but I decided I could not tackle it alone. I definitely want to be a part of the lawsuit. Walden is a criminal organization! How do we get into the class action? After taking medical leave in my third chapter of my dissertation and second chair I was told I had to start the program over from day 1 because the program had changed.

I had a brain tumor and now I cannot find another school that will accept my credits. I was often charged with making redundant changes on the same document and even complained about the lack of direction in the PhD program as well as constant requirement changes. I began to identify a pattern that continued to generate revenue for the University, while maxing-out my federal loans.

As none of my papers were graded, yet they wanted me to of-course enroll in a subsequent quarter, I filed a complaint. This complaint resulting in the school deciding that I had not met satisfactory progress — that is — after my federal loans maximum was met. I refused to pay for the last class and a grievance was sided in favor of the educator, which the University ultimately withheld my transcript. In addition, I struggled with having a mentor with a background, including her PhD in Medieval Studies, and not specializing in the field of education.

Then there was the no show for class and no grading of submitted coursework, because of travel to foreign areas with no phone service. This deters him from transitioning students through the program.

Then the University knowingly allowed my earlier mentor to overload the number of students mentored. I have always instilled in my children to start a journey and finish it, but this has been the one journey that is haunting me, because I am more than capable of reaching the finish line, if Walden wasn't corrupt. I want in the class action suit! I attended Walden University from Sept May I tried to take a medical leave of absence because of unexpected health issues and when I was granted, the instructor of the class I was taking told me I would fail the course unless I completed all the course work, when the whole point of the medical leave was because I couldn't complete it, so I failed the course.

I later applied to restart and was informed that I had to retake the course, I was 5 classes from finishing my MSN in Education and then found out that because I was a travel nurse at the time, that I would not be able to complete the program because of the requirement that I needed to locate a preceptor 1 term prior to my final term and I even emailed the program director asking how I was supposed to be able to locate a preceptor that far ahead when I didn't even know where I was going to be during my final term, I was told that many nurses are able to.

I asked for further insight into how that was possible when travel nurses don't know where they will be for their next assignment until less than 30 days before they would be assigned. I never got any further answers and had to withdraw because I couldn't find a preceptor. I now have almost , dollars in student loans and no advanced degree. I have tried to see about completing a BSN but none of the credits transfer and because I took post grad classes, I can not get financial assistance to obtain a BSN.

I can't afford out of pocket tuition and when I even decided to try going through Walden for my BSN, the advanced courses meant nothing towards the BSN and I was told I would have to pay for my books up front out of pocket. I feel like it is hopeless and now I will never be able to get an advanced degree because of the run around from Walden. I was a student at Walden for 3 years. I have so much student loan debt and absolutely nothing to show for it.

I have a situation that is similar however, have almost K in debt and Walden screwed up my practicum and internship. I filed a petition and won. Then they told me nope even though you won, you have to take the courses again.

THEN told me to take more courses and now saying its too late, would not give me a loan after promising that they would and so now I have another 4K, can't meet their criteria to finish my practicum and was told. Even with copies of paperwork from emails proving THEIR negligence, I still cannot seem to complete a degree that thanks to Walden is taking 10 years.

I have an MA but not in Psychology. I was well into the program before I found out that there was actually a bridge program which would have allowed me to get my MA in Psychology on my way to getting my PhD. I also didn't find out until much later that it will be almost impossible for me to get licensed in the state of Pennsylvania.

I have reached out a number of times over the years to try and get assistance with little to no success. I even had to go outside of the Clinical Psychology Program to find my Chair.

Of the ones that took the time to answer, none of them had the bandwidth or interest to take on the role as my Chair. Fortunately, I was able to find one in the General Psychology Program. In my time at Walden, other than my dissertation chair, only one person has spent any time actually trying to help me.

Even my other dissertation committee member is unable to make time for me or provide me feedback in a timely manner. I lost almost an entire corner waiting for his feedback which is supposed to be provided within two weeks. Unfortunately, the Clinical Psychology Program has changed so much since I started that my options are limited for getting out of Walden with some type of degree without increasing my debt even further.

I am not currently enrolled because I owe tuition from past quarters and can't take out any more loans. I am extremely disappointed in my experience with Walden. They are definitely more concerned with getting your money than ensuring students are able to graduate with a degree.

I am in my 7th year of my Ed. I am currently battling my URR for the third time on edits. Throughout this program I've had three Committee Chairs. The first one when out indefinitely on sick leave, the second one gave no feedback, my third chair has been wonderful however my URR completely says the opposite of my Committee Chair and Co-Chair and every time. I have been working on Final Approval since May.

I am currently unable to pay take out anymore student loans and I can no longer afford to pay out of pocket. I was accepted on a full scholarship to the University of Maryland and Howard University through a cohort in my school district, but decided to stick with Walden when I was allowed to change Chairs.

This way I would not have to start my entire program over. I should have started over. This is been the worst experience every. I'm a principal of a large ELL school in a high poverty neighborhood and I have had to take off a ridiculous amount of days to work on this dissertation.

Walden University is not concerned with their students' education, but they are very concerned with taking students' money. I finally completed my dissertation through Walden; however feel that it could have been accomplished at least 1 year earlier had it not been for a change in committee chair, continuous battling with URR for edits and a request by URR to completely revise the statistical analyses and results section after the proposal was approved.

Both my wife and I signed up for the undergrad program thru Walden University thinking that furthering our educations was a great step towards the future. Halfway into my Biology course I was finding the course material didnt relate to the literature. Numerous times I explained to the instructor that I was having this issue. When I tried to sign up for more classes Every class I tried for wasnt being offered without a manditory leave first.

This went on for 3 full class runs before my membership as well as my wifes was terminated for poor attendance. Now im stuck with 30k in student loans and no furthered education to show for it.

I can't seem to graduate from this school. They have continuously thrown up road blocks and I'm almost out financial aid and no closer to graduating.

They never admit the flaws in their program. They browbeat students into agreeing with them, take your money and leave you high and dry. I would like to report that such practices, prolonging dissertation process and or not providing appropriate dissertation chair faculty was the main reason why I did not complete my dissertation after having completed all my course requirements. This dates back to , I started my course work in the summer of Two of my dissertation chairs were on medical leave one of them passed away and the second dissertation chair was ill and did not provide the support needed to complete my dissertation.

Since my last attendance date I attempted to re-enrolled and they basically added more course work to my original plan. So I ended with an large debt in student loans and no degree. It is crazy how many stories are similar. I was one Doctoral Study Completion class away and my "mentor" stepped down. I was very discouraged and quit going. She didn't drop me even though I didn't talk to her after the first week. Now there is a hold on my account, so I cannot receive my transcripts. Is there a way to be a part of the class action lawsuit?

I read somewhere that two students brought a suit against them. Might be pretty hard when there are such prominent investors in the company. One thing is for sure, they are a fraudulent institution and it will catch up to them. Walden University public relations sent me a message on this board. You think you win but you don't. This lawsuit needs to progress. The college needs to be made account.

I don't care if they have very prominent supporters. I ditto as written above. We need to move forward with an action plan. I have just left Walden U. This is after they have known the study for over a year. And each revision is all new comments, unrelated to past changes. Money and time sucking unfairly broke my spirit of my whole program.

I am willing to move forward with a class action suit as well. I have the same issues as written above by so many other hard working students. This is very serious! Dear Sir or Madame: I am writing to you today to attempt to join your lawsuit and enlist your aid in publicizing my plight. I am a special needs student. In November 2, , tragedy struck, and I was forced to withdraw from the program. I became extremely ill and was only able to begin pursuing this matter in earnest again in I have filed complaints with several agencies to no avail.

The fact that I will never earn my doctorate as my late mother and father wanted so badly is one of the most difficult things I have had to deal with. I hope that you are able to help me publicize this matter. I have not been able to secure legal assistance on a contingency basis. I am financially poor and have no money for a retainer. To date no lawyer I have contacted has the guts to go up against Walden University. I am extremely eager to move forward, talk to an attorney, and join this class action lawsuit.

Please believe me when I tell you that any help you could possibly be would be greatly appreciated. I am willing to join the class action suit also. Walden is just interested in their bottom line and does not care about their students. I would like to join this class action suit against Walden University.

I have experienced the same issues. I started the DBA program in and was told it would take years to complete due to credits received from the MBA program.

The guidelines and requirements changed so many times that I have had to start over again and again. January , after my chair resigned, I had to start over yet again. Now, my student loans have maxed out and I have no more money to complete the degree. I am K in debt, with nothing to show for it. I feel like I have wasted 3 years. What kind of answer is that?

She did not speak to or address any of the issues I raised: We are still working on the proposal 3 years later. I should be finished by now. I am very unhappy with the results of the DBA program. Contact the lawyers and tell them you want to join. I am having the same issue. I do not have a solution. I contacted the interim program director over two weeks ago via email and have received no response. I am so upset. I have spent a lot of time and money. What is the solution? I do not know, but I am not going to give up.

I have past the point of no return and there is no option for giving up. I am on year 8. I have had many chairs who kept dropping out. I kept passing the last class with a satisfactory with no one checking up or communicating with me regarding my final project.

I thought I was the only one! I left Walden in summer of in the DBA program. Hope something good comes out of this! I am now two years into the dissertation writing process and have made zero progress. I keep making the changes requested and then told it was not done correctly.

There have been instances where I was told to make a change, did so, then told it was incorrect and even should have been the original way. To me this process seems to be a scam of constant prolonging in order to keep students in the process till they run out of funds, draining them.

I'm very upset with this process and what has been done. I've written to Walden for financial assistance as in a brick and mortar school during a dissertation process or thesis you do not pay every single semester. As a rule, once coursework is complete you are given a certain amount of years where you do not have to pay tuition to complete the writing process. I will do whatever it takes to figure out a way to bring Walden to justice.

They are clearly acting in bad faith for students. I am going through this nonsense right now and want to join the suit. They wait until I am in my last internship to tell me I have to take two courses and a residency over again. I obtain my MS in psychology from Walden in I owe more in student loans than I do on my house. I need to obtain my psychology license to practice but that means even more debt.

So I am working but can't pay my loans because I am barely able to support my family. I am a single mother and have always told my children that education is the key to success but look at what education did to me.

I can't refinance my mortgage because of student loan debt. I am in the DIT program and professor case failed me I filed several petition and all denied and the class I have to take to continue is mandatory and they only have one professor for this class for the whole school not only that they want me took pay to take the class from the same teacher same exact class work this teacher systematically made sure i did not pass I feel he was either racist prejudiced against minority and or women being in the IT area also he was constantly stating or using the fact that I had not gone to the residency and was still allowed to take class and passed I GPA before his class was 3.

I want to add my name to the list of persons that are participating in the lawsuit against Walden University. I've experience similar circumstances as described by the majority of persons that are posting. The educational experience was that of changing the doctoral study rubric, program requirements, methodology, and design at a moments notice and forcing students to comply. The cycles of reviews were endless over things that were non significant so that papers could be recycled back through the review process costing students thousands and thousands of dollars.

My chair even told me that I was supposed to be finished 1. In addition, I experienced being held back so that another student could catch up to me in the process. All of these things I believe were unethical practices and I want to join Walden class action lawsuit. May I just say thank you all for speaking up! Because I almost became a victim. I was in preliminary application and had uneasy feeling because questions I asked would not be answered, rather the recruit would say can you send transcript resume etc.

Then I saw terrible reviews on Grad Report, complaints in all fields and programs. Shockingly there's class action lawsuit so I just now emailed Walden recruit to close my file.

I will not proceed with Walden thanks to your voices. I have masters poli sci and public policy admin from university of Missouri and I was going into doctorate at Walden You all deserve financial compensation and this school should not be able to prey on others like me.

I literally was saved by your voices in my few searches online! It is unbelievable the repetitive comments, similar scenarios, and complaints. I am just amazed this has happened to everyone. But then again I almost got swindled as well. I hope each of you gets justice, at least in monetary form. They took more than that from you. How easily my recruit told me, "no, the bad reviews are just some opinions, the star studded reviews are not there I literally closed my eyes and thanked God for sparing me, because I have enough problems in acquiring proper schooling for my autistic son.

Omg this would have been the death of my spirit for sure. You saved one person at least-thanks! Actually you saved a whole family! I will always be hoping for progress in your lawsuit and wish you best. Proud of your achievements against all odds. Dissertation evaluation inconsistencies and 1st and second chair disagreements.

Still no degree and loans in repayment stages. I had to drop because of excessive prolong costs. I am not sure if reading all of these make me feel better that I am not alone or if they make me more depressed.

I love my experience for my Masters and my doctoral coursework. My dissertation though has been a total nightmare.

I have had things returned for minor corrections that only took me less than 10 minutes to correct only to have to wait another 2 to 4 weeks for approval. I would like to finish this process, but I have run out of money and am wondering what I should do now.

I have come too far to quit, but this process has depleted all of my educational funds. I have similar issues with Walden University as well. My biggest issues are that I had a great chair for one year and a half, who did not guide me through the dissertation process and correctly for it to be seen by my URR.

I got slammed by my URR three times when my chair submitted it. It got to the point where my URR basically told my chair that better guidance is needed otherwise I need to look into alternative degree Masters in Education ; as this whole ordeal was not my fault. As a doctoral student since to switch my degree I don't think so. My program finally recognized this situation and switched my chair. Meanwhile I have incurred about K in financial aid from then until now.

With all the work I have done, paying out of my savings in edits, I should switched to a Ph. I can't wait until I graduate, but NOT looking forward to the loan repayment that I will have to make to Navient for the rest of my life.

I can relate to almost everyone I have given Walden approximately seven years of my life four plus years writing , a lot of inconsistencies with committee members with dissertation, poor feedback, and so on.

Similar incident has held me in school for 9 years. I just dropped out, fed-up with the carrot-and-stick treatment. I was in the program for 6 years and worked on my proposal the last 3 years. I think this was an effort to increase their graduation rate.

I took it because I invested so much money and didn't want to walk away with nothing. Yes, I have been trying to get the DNP for the nearly four years. The have worked on the proposal for years and keep going around in circles. When the feedback is made and adjustments are given it takes to long of the response. The responses are not helpful, the committee has asked the same questions over and over again. You feel like you are in a trap, invested too much to quite but it is too expensive to take loans and not get the degree.

Everything was fine until you get to the capstone phase. The turn a round time for feedback takes too long it often leads to another semester and more money. It is very depressing to get so close and see other finish programs when you should have been finished a long time ago.

I'm saddened to hear that so many people are experiencing the same things I experienced, but relieved to know that there are numbers to back some action. I witness the struggle to almost every testimony stated. I am very disappointed on the back and fourth and prolonged journey I had to encounter being a student at Walden. I experienced a lot of inconsistencies with committee members with dissertation, poor feedback, and so on.

It would bring closure if I could be compensated financially to help in repaying the loans I have incurred. Same issue with Walden University. Very interested in joining class action. Very interested in joining the class action lawsuit. The Academic Advising Office was contacted, and they said there is "nothing we can do to help you".

I am out thousands of dollars, 2 years of invested time in completing course work, and have no possibility of transferring into a comparable program. Deadline after deadline have gone by, and I am still no closer towards that goal despite many phone calls, Emails, and attempts to progress towards degree completion. I am stuck with having one mandatory class to take and they only have one professes or for this class The instructor failed me I filed every petition and gave full documentation but all were seined the real problem is that they want me to take the same class same syllabus from the same teacher I feel he was rasict and had a problem with me for not having taken the resdency due to lake of funds he systmactly made sure I did not pass I was only.

This teacher took off points for anything he could find as well as when it said I exceeded the expection of the ariteria he still did not give me all the points also he did not expalian or document his reason on the comment section but when I brooght it up he said there were grammer errors and it was his desicsion wether or not to give me all the points, The professor also took points from me becasue he said he reformated my paper and it wasnt long engouh after refomationg but he never showed or posted the reformatted paper.

Secondly I used the example in the syllabubs for my formatting to make sure I had formatted it properly. The main issue for me is paying and taking the same class from the same teacher who failed me and we have a disagreement there is no way he will be able to grade my work fairly and I not trying to waste more money for this teacher to fail me again this school is very unethical and needs to be shut down I am sending all my info to all educational out let a school that big that doesn't have another teacher for a mandatory class is not right they may just be lying.

I cant finish my Doctor without this class. Everything was fine until the Capstone and only got worse from there.

I am shocked that someone would be so greedy as to take advantage of anyone who only wishes to further their education. The stories everyone shares are heart breaking and all too familiar. Thank everyone for having the nerd to come forward. This ordeal is crushing because my mother is up in age and I wanted to secure my DNP before she passed. She is so proud and wanted to be there for my DNP graduation, Walden has not only robbed me financially but they have robbed my mother of her dream of watching her only daughter receive her doctorate.

I am truly crushed and can't bring myself to tell her that I and she have been scammed. Sorry, I meant nerve to come forward in the previous post. I truly am a wreck. I feel as though my life just fell apart. I can agree with all the issues describled above and would like to join the suit.

I've been in the PhD program since I passed all of my coursework with flying colors, only to excitedly move on to the dissertation stage and be completely let down.

I have been working on my prospectus for three quarters now, when I was originally told by admissions representatives that it would take about four quarters to complete the ENTIRE dissertation. My prospectus continues to be rejected and when I complete the revisions, they find "additional revisions" that need to be completed before they will approve it. There is little to no feedback and what little feedback there is is extremely generic and non-specific.

Repeated requests for clarification are ignored by the committee. I have six figure student loans now due to this program and there really is no end in sight. I have little faith that this University actually wants to graduate any students in their PhD programs; instead, I feel as if they advise their professors to delay the process as much as possible in order to gouge students for as much tuition they can wring out of us before we decide to withdraw fro the program.

I wish there were an honest professor that would come forward and confirm this information. Someone with an honest heart that truly feels sorry for gouging the students of Walden University. I would like to join the class action lawsuit because I feel lied to, cheated, and swindled out of my time and money. I suffered the same fate as many here. My dissertation mentor was absent for the most part. He was more of a "friend" than a mentor and I went multiple quarters with very little work done either on KAMS or on the dissertation itself.

No one had any question as to the amount of work that was being done or required each quarter. I finally changed programs and graduated with much less than I bargained for. My 18 month program is now in its 4 th yr. My chair actually submitted a 14month old draft to form and style for review instead of the finished product its been complete for 6 months now. I didn't even receive an apology. I am now at , in debt for a degree I don't think will ever be finished. This quarter,our class doesn't have an instructor but they still took money for it.

I have similar issues with having no difficulty getting my dissertation proposal through the committee chair and content member, but run into consistent roadblocks with the URR. In addition to the above, I submitted a rewrite to my committee on the first day of the quarter and two weeks later no word, so I followed policy and contacted my Chair to determine the status.

This continued with no word on status of rewrite and a full eight weeks into the quarter I finally received the status. Apparently, the content member had a family emergency and overlooked the submission in taskstream. Of course I was hopping mad, because I just spent 8 weeks out of a 12 week quarter waiting for word on the paper. I requested return of tuition based on committee member circumstances that unfairly held my paper for eight weeks and it was denied.

Seems pretty shady to me, when the delay was entirely the committee members fault, yet they would not reimburse the tuition. Now, I am on a leave of absence, until I decide if I want to risk many more thousands of dollars to complete my dissertation.

I finished my classes with a 3. As I read some of the claims I realize that I was a victim of the same process. I completed my course requirements in , I took several dissertation cohorts and three of the four dissertation chairs either passed away or were ill.

By the time I made some changes to my dissertation prospectus I ran out of money. Wow it made me feel like a failure and now on top of that I have been paying my student loans which racked up 10 , with interest and fees.

I will definitely like to sue the University for damages and fraudulent practices. There was absolutely no gainful employment outreach after graduating with my MBA in So much so I was never contacted by anyone from Career Services. I had absolutely no assistance with resume review, interviewing assistance, and definitely no potential job leads that could be a potential fit. For-Profit schools need to show their placement rates, and it definitely felt that I was completely alone with no guidance to find gainful employment such that I could afford to repay my student loans.

Gainful employment does not mean that someone should be below the poverty level. In an effort to receive higher pay for my degree, and defer student loans which I could not afford to pay for, I went back to Walden to look at the Ph. I was given two options for transfer of credits, stating that I could switch to the other program at any time and still be granted the transfer credit. There was absolutely no academic integrity in the way that the school auto-enrolled the KAM students for a Research course, when they are not actively taking a class, especially when there is no financial aid counseling.

After feeling like I was not making as much academic progress through the KAM system, I inquired to switch to the course-based program and was told I had to start completely over with my program even though I was down to 2 KAM's and 1 class.

My last quarter I was shocked to find out that I had completely run out of Financial Aid, and since I was auto-enrolled into the research class which provided no benefit, and then financially obligated to pay for that quarter.

There was absolutely no communication prior to that quarter in regards to the status of my financial aid, and that I was going to have to self-pay for that quarter, which did not advance my program in the least. I could see the value if I had been actively taking a course and receiving some knowledge, this research course was useless. I received no benefit, and my dissertation chair and adviser had also resigned during that time with no communication. I have self-paid half of the remaining balance, but am also now at a further detriment as they will no longer release my MBA transcript further limiting my opportunities for gainful employment until the remaining balance is paid.

I feel that Walden University has failed its students in the due diligence of an institution in higher education, such that their financial aid, enrollment, and gainful employment procedures do not exist, and they are leaving their graduates as well former students that couldn't complete their programs due to ill advising.

Just as many of you mentioned, Walden University benefits greatly from the "flawed" dissertation process. I had been working on my dissertation for 2 years when I suddenly realized that the problem was systemic. I would love to add my name to a class action lawsuit as well.

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