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What is meant by identity? Essay

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❶Identity Themes In "Naruto" words - 5 pages Identity is the characteristics in which a person is recognized or identified. They call them a waste of time at best.

Essay on Personal Identity

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In this region of the brain, there are a bundle of fibers which are involved in the facilitating the transfer of information from one brain hemisphere to the other. Therefore, in fission, this part of the brain is severed. The result of the severing of this part is that two equipollent hemispheres of the brain will be left. With the lower brain, it is divided so that it becomes possible for the transplantation of each hemisphere into one of the two bodies that are qualitatively identical, resulting in Y1 and Y2 as the fission outcomes.

Consequently, according to the alleged intuition, the psychological characteristics Y1 and Y2 are the same as those from X. In this case, both Y1 and Y2 are going to be candidates since they are identical with X. Even if one was absent, the other will also be identical with X. On the other hand, according to the alleged conclusion, fission violates the time travel of identity. This is because the aspect of psychological similarity is considered false.

Besides, the question of whether the stage of person X at time t1 and the stage of person Y1 at time t2 have temporal parts of the brain from the same person is in this case dependent on facts that not only concern X and Y1 but also Y2. As per many suggestions from commentators, fission remains to be an up to standard test to the theories pertaining to the personal identity.

The acceptability of the fission scenario however present some challenges for the psychological criterion in particular. This is because both the fission results Y1 and Y2 are psychologically in line with X, and are therefore, both identical, according to the psychological approach with X.

Each of the outcomes is however, by congruence, not identical with the other. The Y1 and Y2 have many features in common. However, even at the particular time of the completion of fission operation, they had marked difference especially in terms of spatio-temporal location.

Fission disagrees with the transitivity of identity since it shows that there is the possibility of a thing being identical with two other things, which are not identical to each other. Some commentators claim that because of fission scenarios. It is not sufficient to equate psychological continuity with personal identity.

According to these commentators, the non-branching proviso can adequately complement the psychological approach in the sense that even though there would be the survival of X as Y1 or Y2 incase the other was non-existing, the fact that the other exists means that X will cease existing. On the other hand, according to the best candidate clause or the closest-continuer, it is the best candidate between Y1 and Y2 is the one that will bear a lot of resemblance with original X, and hence will be identical with X.

According to Lewis, what matters for survival are the continued existence of your mummified corpse and the continued existence of a spiritual substance? On the other hand, according to Derek Parfit argues that identity is not what matters and that what matters is psychological Parfit, D.

He argues that identity is one-one and does not admit of degree and that what matter for survival is psychological continuity. As such, identity is not what matters for survival. In the case of a simple fission and fusion, then psychological continuity is not one-one.

He defends his argument that in the case of fission, psychological continuity seems to be a matter of degree. For the case of fission, one item splits up to become two while in fusion, they merge to become one. The fission case implies that psychological continuity maybe a matter of degree. On the other hand, Lewis uses the case of Methuselah to argue that psychological continuity may be a matter of degree.

The line between fission and identity is clear in Lewis arguments as he states that identity does not always predicate the express properties of maximal fissions of the R-interrelated counterparts. As such, identity borrows from the previous solution of the time travel to predicate express properties of the interrelated fissions, where in time travel, the persistence through time leads to the real self, while in fission, they split to become two.

According to Parfit, two people share the same stage prior to fission, something that Lewis disagree and believes that it a matter of psychological continuity. In solving the fission problem, we can apply Lewis time travel solutions. Time travel solutions provided by Lewis depend on external or personal time and real identity to one self. Two people are believed to share the same stage prior to the fission, just like the younger or older self in the time travel.

What is meant by identity? Identity can be defined as how I see myself and how others see me. Identity can be confused with personality. Where personality describes certain qualities individuals may have such as being confident and outgoing or shy and introvert, identity requires some degree of choice. Identity is marked by similarity and identities are formed through interaction between people. We choose to belong and identify with a particular identity or group. Symbols are important in marking the ways in which we share identities with some people and differ from others, such as the language we speak, the clothes we wear such as a uniform, or a team scarf or badge.

The personal being individuals taking up identities, and how we as individuals feel about whom we are, and the social is everyday interactions with others, and the societies in which we live. How we see ourselves does not always match how others see us, for example in the workplace, individuals may see themselves as hardworking and deserve promotion, where the employer may view them as an underachiever.

This could also happen at a more personal level within family and friend relationships. We may well also have different conflicting identities such as being a parent, friend, employee, or student all at the same time. Multiple identities also include age, gender, class and ethnicity. We will write a custom essay sample on What is meant by identity? It describes that one person and also states which group that person belongs to, namely which nation, for instance you may hold a UK passport, which identifies you as a British Citizen, whereas you may actually identify yourself as a European.

Other examples of identity in this official sense include driving licences, i. The structures which are the forces beyond our control shape our identities, whereas the agency is the degree of control we have to choose who we are. Structures such as gender and class influence, encourage or prevent individuals from identifying with certain groups and therefore shaping their identity. There are different theories of what control we do have in shaping our own identities, and scope for agency.

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Identity essaysWhat comes with over 6 billion different sets of characteristics with no two sets ever having the same likeness? The answer a person's identity. Identity is a set of characteristics that somebody identifies as belonging uniquely to him or herself.

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Essay on Personal Identity Words | 7 Pages. understand Locke’s concept of personal identity it is necessary to understand what he means by identity and what he means specifically by personal identity. Locke states there are three substances that we have ideas of and that have identities.

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For an identity essay to have impact, it should cover different facets of your identity from your name's origin to your character, principles and values. Your friends, . - Identity theft in general is a branch of many identity related crimes but often perceived as the only one identity related crime. With the rapid increase in information technology in every field at work, the increase in identity theft/frauds is also regarded as one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.

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