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Fear of Paper

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❶The causes are similar for all types of phobias.

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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper

As it is difficult to avoid any or every interaction with paper, a papyrophobe may find his or her fears getting worse over time. This may give rise to an increase in anxiety levels that may, after a period, possibly start to hinder daily activities. A papyrophobe encompasses fear of paper to varying degrees and in different forms such as, one may fear plain sheets of paper, while others may display nervousness when faced with a crumpled ball of paper.

Others indicate papyrophobia causes such as fear about paper tear ups, after the paper gets drenched. In the eyes of a papyrophobe crumpled paper may symbolize damage or causality. This may appear as bizarre to others without such fears, but to a phobic, this is enough to convey their fear. As has been seen, papyrophobia causes many levels of fear.

A number of reasons exist for an individual to develop such kind of fear. A traumatic event experienced during the past can also lead to cause this unexplainable fear. Symptoms such as rigidity may be experienced by a papyrophobe when coming across papers. Those with severe papyrophobia symptoms may become increasingly panicky as they believe that in vicinity of paper, they may somehow fall victim to an impending disaster. Taking the help of a professional therapist is the first positive step towards recovery.

I'm a big-time procrastinator -- always have been. I can remember having the same problem with writing papers as far back as 8th grade. I always wait until the last minute and spit out my paper then. Most of the time, this has worked fine, and I've actually ended up with a good product and usually received good grades. However, the assignments always cause me a great deal of anxiety, and it seems like it's getting worse.

It seems to be the worst with research papers, where I have to put together information from lots of different sources and make a coherent point. I have a hard time remembering everything I've read and using it in a paper. Because I test well and have generally been successful in school, it seems like people dismiss my problem and think I should just be able to get over it. The problem is that it's causing me great anxiety, and my procrastination is getting much worse.

I'm even contemplating giving up on this program, just because I can't deal with the prospect of a few writing-intensive courses. I'm sorry, I've really rambled here. As you can see, I have no problem writing in informal forums like this. Can somebody please tell me if this sounds like a learning disability?

Or is it just that after years and years of school, I've created a phobia for myself? My two cents as a college professor are that you don't have a writing disability. You write very well, better than most of my students frankly. You may lack skills at writing research papers, but that is a very different thing. You may be trying to put everything you read together which is almost impossible to do. You may be expecting to write a wonderful paper when you need to be writing multiple drafts.

He talks about the "magical rituals" people go through before they write have to have all pencils shapened, a clean house, yellow paper on one side because of their fears. People are afraid that 1. Well, it is impossible to diagnose by internet, but writer's block is a very well-known and common syndrome.

Personally I have no trouble writing notes here, but formal letters and papers still hang me up for a while, often to the last minute. One thing that helps is to avoid the problem of staring at a blank page.

I am therefore gonna seek help and use some of these to help move forward in my academic life. It seems to give me some extra ability to focus but also makes me hate the process. I can start writing an essay really early, but the good stuff does not seem to come out until the deadline approaches and the adreniline kicks in!

It is really annoying. I would love to sit calmly and write an essay and even enjoy the process, but everything I seem to write is trite until I am backed into a corner. It is so frustrating! It seems that you need challenge or high arousal to write your best. If you use your imagination, you find find other ways than an impending deadline to create challenge or high arousal when writing.

Please write again if you find an alternative that works for you. My writing anxieties are beyond paralyzing. I become physically ill from the start of my writing, until my grade is posted.

This information is so helpful, thank you! It is really nice to see someone acknowledge the topic of essay phobia in students. I have been struggling with phobia for taking tests and writing papers for a while now. During my school years I feared preparing for my final exams but now that I am in college I have a strong fear of writing papers.

I know this might seem like excuses to prevent myself from writing academic papers but this is truly how it is for me. I try to talk about my writing problems with psychologists however it is hard for them to grasp just how bad it is for me and they chose to focus on other problems instead.

I know a student who describes her avoidance much as you do. If you solve the problem for yourself, tell the world how you did it — you could help many individuals. Thanks for your thoughts, John, and everyone. I think my phobia has grown out of my self-imposed perfectionism and the tedium in attempting it. But, I agree that breaking into chunks, however one chooses to do it, is very helpful. I spend all day trying to learn the program rather than getting started on my writing.

Albert Bandura would say that low self-efficacy about doing an assignment adequately is at the heart of essay-writing phobia. For students with a phobia, a better goal than doing the assignment adequately which to some of them means perfectly is to do the assignment as a good or perfect! In the long run of a career, timeliness in writing is more important than perfection.

I majored in both Psychology and Linguistics, and took a bunch of other social science electives so understandably there were a lot of writing to do. At some stage I gave up on myself and thought I was just a lazy ass procrastinator who will never amount to much. Before I start on an essay I would spend a lot of effort doing my readings, planning my structure, and extracting the relevant information. But when it comes to typing out the actual essay, I get stuck.

The untitled word document can sit on my laptop screen for days and we just stare at each other until its finally a week overdue. Consequentially, I usually get a good raw grade for content but the late penalty takes it down to a mediocre grade. Fast-forward until today, I have worked in a stressful but boring corporate environment for a while and never had a problem with time-management or punctually. How could I possibly tell the admission panel that my subpar GPA was due to late assignments and expect them to wave their wands of forgiveness?

Thank you John and everyone here for sharing your thoughts and sorry for my long post in secondlanguage-English! You are not alone in suffering consequences of essay-writing phobia. You write well — look for a way ahead. Wow- sums me up to a T! I took it to him to get it fixed but he was aware of the situation and ran my document through some of his editor friends then printed and submitted it for me omg!

I got an A, but I felt robbed of my intellectual property- does that make sense?! I know I have a problem with submitting papers but was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Thanks for the great post and all the lovely dialogue going on here.

My procrastination has gotten really bad — I sometimes submit in my essays one week late. I start crying almost uncontrollably when I know I have an essay due; I go into denial mode and consider quite seriously jumping out of the window to make the task of writing an essay go away and I start to seriously consider the benefits of jumping since it would mean that I would never have to do another essay again.

Every essay is a living hell I have to go through: I sense your suffering — I feel sad thinking about it. Part of your suffering comes from an approach-avoidance conflict I think that you want to complete your assignment and get a good grade but you feel anxious about doing the work. If avoidance of writing assignments is your only avoidance, your problems will soon end when you graduate — you will be free!

Phobias, though irrational, are common. I used to have a phobia of diving into water. I also had a phobia of public speaking. I am happy to say that I have left these phobias behind. Phobia treatment usully works well. I failed a course in April because of this problem. This hits close to home, so close that even my nickname is Kiki! I have always either submitted my essays in late at uni or submitted in essays that only reached half the word limit.

I would procrastinate until the last possible minute to start because usually the pressure of deadlines makes me less inclined to be perfect with my writing and just produce anything. In saying this, I have never failed an essay but also rarely ever achieved a great mark. My friends are always baffled by my phobia as I am an avid reader so they assume this means I am a great writer.

My new years resolution to tackle this phobia is to write more. I will try to give myself things that I am interested in to research and write about. Hopefully I will be able to go through with this resolution! You are a member of a large group millions worldwide? To leave the group, go right on Courage Street and then right again on Persistence Boulevard.

If you submit a written assignment on time, with a proper word count, after starting early, and earn a high grade, your improved student behavior will be reinforced by the grade.

If the grade is not so good, you may learn that you are not harmed by receiving a mediocre grade for maximum performance. Writing it all at the last minute gives me a protective excuse for submitting something imperfect.

Thank you for this post! You are not alone. I hope that at some point you will care much less what markers think of you — you are not on this earth to please markers, or to be perfect.

Thank you for this article. This has been an academic struggle for me going back to grade school. It has even negatively impacted my professional career. Attempted to get my masters but after twice trying to complete my thesis class I gave up. I know that it has to do on some level with perfectionism and a fear of criticism. Not sure were the mindset originated from but that is the inner voice that I battle with. This is the only area academically that I struggle with, I excel in all others.

Which means that I have to work harder to sustain grades that can sustain the loss of points. But when I put my fingers on the keys I feel like I am going into battle. It is a horrible experience that sometimes I just choose not to fight. I can feel your suffering. I hope you will try psychological strategies or see a psychologist — anything that might help you overcome the problem. The ironic thing was that it was the first time I started an essay early, I chipped at it slowly and got over my fear.

I was under so much stress, i pretty much skipped Christmas celebrations to work on my frigging essay that drove me to tears and unexplained increased heart rate for three weeks! I still submitted something subpar because I broke it into too many little chunks that took me beyond the submission date so i still pulled a 42 hour all nighter to reach the word count by the date.

Imagine my blood shot, teary eyes when the woman told me I am a minute late. God I am crying now remembering it now This was three days ago. And I am on this website because I am back to my essay avoiding ways.

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The phobia of paper is quite rare with just a handful of people around the world suffering from it. Sometimes, the intensity of the fear increases based upon the type or size of paper. Let us study this phobia in detail.

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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper. When a person has an abnormal and persistent fear for paper he or she is said to suffer from papyrophobia. Even though an individual with this phobia realizes that his or her fear is unreasonable, in some, just glancing at the object of fear is enough to provoke a reaction.

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A phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. Phobias are believed to be developed by heredity, genetics and brain-chemistry combine with life-experiences. - Phobias A phobia is when someone has an irrational fear of an object such as fear of heights, fear of snakes, and other things. The name phobia is derived from Phobos, who is the Greek god of fear and most phobias have a Greek name.

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← Back to: List of phobias. Papyrophobia is an abnormal or persistent fear of papers. Papyrophobes can have fear of: plain sheet of paper, crumpled ball of paper (which symbolizes injury, damage or death), paper tear, or paper cut. phobia paper Christine Park Eng 11/19/ All kinds of Phobia Draft 1 Though there are many types of anxiety disorder the most common type of anxiety disorders are phobias. Phobias which means “fear” in Greek, is an excessive fear or anxiety to a situation or object.