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Dissertation Methodology

Dissertation Methodology structure

❶What questions did you ask and how have these contributed towards answering your research question or how did these test your hypothesis which formed the basis of your research?

Main peculiarities of a dissertation methodology structure

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Are you sure about the particular steps you have to take to collect data for your dissertation methodology chapter? Are you confused about the quantity of data collection details you should provide in your dissertation methodology? Research design or tradition: Addressing the research questions and describing its approach with rationality. Citing apposite methodological literature.

Research sample and data sources: Describing and justifying the type of sample used and the selection procedure of the participants. Including population, sampling frame, and sampling procedures for quantitative or mixed methods studies. Approaches at odds with comparable endeavours require considerable rigorous justification. No matter what type of research, there are almost always a number of methodological approaches available.

In your rationale, critically evaluate alternate approaches in order to defend the methods you have finally chosen. Weigh up the pros and cons of all relevant alternatives, including your own choice. Essential considerations in all types of research, issues of reliability and validity must be explicitly discussed.

Many matters fall under this area, including accuracy, precision, sources of error and statistical significance. Questions concerning sampling techniques and sample size can be considered under reliability and validity, but are often important enough to be given special attention.

The impact of sample size upon statistical significance of your results is an issue of such importance that you should be mindful of this when designing and writing up your methodology.

Keep your methodology chapter focussed and lucidly written by appending indirectly relevant material to the end of your dissertation writing. Copies of questionnaires and other methodological material should usually be placed in the appendix.

Include a section in your methodology which directly addresses the question of how far data obtained through your approach can be generalised.

Bear this issue in mind when designing your methodology too, as results with general significance outside of your direct data set will tend to increase the persuasiveness of your eventual findings. Recent Posts How often should you reference? A great example of a reflective essay How to write a captivating conclusion to your essay How to write a dissertation literature review: How to structure an essay Top 10 essay referencing tips.

Top 10 tips for writing a dissertation methodology. Unreliable methods produce unreliable results, which will affect the outcome of your entire dissertation. Make sure that your methods are clearly outlined so that there can be no doubt what your dissertation will aim to discover. Imagine that the next person to read your dissertation needs to replicate your methodology exactly the same as you did yours.

What would they need to know to be able to do this? Use figures or tables. The methodology section should be used to describe your chosen research methods and the application of said methods to your research. Research before you start writing. Make sure before you begin writing that your sample size is adequate for your project and that your methods of data collection are accepted and put into practice in your field of study. Plan each stage and think about what you want to say before you begin putting pen to paper.

A key part of the methodology is detailing the problems you anticipate and how you avoided them from happening.

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Main peculiarities of a dissertation methodology structure. Methodology is a very important part of your dissertation. Some people also refer to it as research methodology.

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To address how to write a methodology, in the Methodology section of your dissertation you have to justify and explain your choice of methodologies employed in your research. You don’t however have to explain the methodological approaches that you could have used.

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2. To write the dissertation in a good standard of clear English using appropriate academic terms and citation and referencing conventions. It is not the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure that this condition is met. 3. To write the dissertation with guidance from the supervisor. The dissertation and research work must be your own. Because your dissertation methodology is basically an explanation of your research, you may want to consider writing it – or at least drafting it – as you gather your data. If you are on a PhD course, or a longer masters course, then you may be able to finish researching before you begin writing but it doesn’t hurt to start working on it early that way you can keep on top of what you need to do.

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