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Custom Shop Springfield Armory 1911 A1 .45 ACP (PR26318)

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The hood was blued and fit tightly against the breech, adding to its solid appearance. The Professional is a reminder of just how many modifications and refinements can be applied to the pistol. The standard length guide rod was retained, but the tight bushing fit required the use of a wrench. The slide-stop pin had been machined flush with the right side of the frame and beveled to prevent any possibility of it being pressed and causing a stoppage.

The ambidextrous safeties were narrow but easy to use, blending in with the profile of the grips. The low-mount rear night sight by Novak was sunk cleanly into the slide, with the rear notch as far to the rear as possible. The dovetail of the front-sight blade all but disappeared into the slide. Frame checkering was ultra clean, and the magwell was melded neatly in place. The mainspring housing was flat. The grip safety did offer a raised area to ensure activation.

The Professional arrived with six seven-round magazines made by Metalform, all of which worked perfectly. Each magazine was fit with a rubber base pad to extend its length far enough below the magazine well to allow for positive loading and add durability to the magazines should they be dropped. Our inspection revealed only one variation from what was promised. The brochure listed a custom-tuned 4. A call to the Custom Shop assured us that weight of trigger pull can be specified, but for carry Springfield Armory does not recommend setting the trigger to less than 4.

In our head to head match up of the Mil-Specs, we had deferred to the poor sights on the Auto Ordnance and collected accuracy data at 15 yards. Taking the Professional to the range, we felt no such restriction and fired 25 yards downrange from a rest to determine accuracy.

We used the very same ammunition to test the Custom Shop Professional as we did in our test of the Mil-Spec models. Our handload featuring the grain moly-coated Precision bullet and Hodgdon Clays powder varied in group size from 1. The Black Hills ammunition consistently printed five-shot groups measuring 1. I had only one loose and rattling. However, after firing my personal Colt Match Target.

I bought a stainless loaded Springfield some years ago now, and on firing it the first time, it was a fine single shot. It would not feed ball ammo. I found the fault, the magazine well front that is the feed ramp in a standard was so rough that a cartridge would not load into the chamber. I polished the frame, and it became a 10 to 15 shooter before stoppages reoccurred. On inspection the breech face was about the roughness of 80 grit sandpaper, and would scrub off enough brass to cause a feed problem.

The breech face needed polishing, but would cause a headspace problem. At this point I contacted Springfield and was told that I needed to send it in for warranty work, and I would be reimbursed for the shipping.

I sent the weapon to them, and in about 5 weeks received it back. But I was never reimbursed for the shipping, although I tried to get it worked out I never received an answer. It now functioned but shot 5 to 6 inch groups at 25 yards. I disassembled it and found that it was almost impossible to get the barrel bushing out, as it was so loose that it was cocked in the slide. After getting the bushing out it could be put into the slide and it rattled when shook.

I again contacted Springfield for a bushing that I could fit myself. I was told I would have to send it in as any work I did would void the warranty. At this point I ordered a NM bushing from Brownells and fitted it myself. I now have an unwarranted that shoots sub 1.

The point of this comment is to let others know that while I now have an accurate pistol, I could have had one a lot sooner if I had bought a Kimber. Springfield dropped the ball big time on the pistol I bought form them, and then compounded it by not living up to their warranty promises. I'll just say that you shoot as much as I do after a couple of boxes of shells through these guns you ought to hit like that.

I've owned them plain and I've owned them fancy but the ones I keep are the ones that are dependable. I like a good looking anything but if it or they aren't dependable then I trade. Jan 11, 7. Most of these issues appear to be a result of defects in the original build on the CCO.

SparkyAZ , Jan 11, B , cookie and william adams like this. Jan 11, 8. Have you spoke to Dave Williams directly? If so, this is surprising. My experience was totally different, in a positive way. Jan 11, 9. Each of the areas of concern are addressable What's ridiculous is the poor customer service. It doesn't take long for folks to form an opinion. A good or great opinion can be formed quickly and maintained.

However, people can work a lifetime trying to restore credibility after a poor opinion is formed. People who take good care of clients see there business grow. Wonder why it works that way???

Seems like people would recognize this principle. Hate that you had that experience. Jan 11, From the picture underneath showing it is cut uneven, it looks like the slide is not a uniform thickness on both sides. Possibly the slide out of spec which could contribute to the sight problem? That being said, it does suck that this happened to you to begin with. One of the reasons I send custom work to custom gunsmiths versus a custom shop because of the personal relationship you can have and knowing who is actually working on it.

I do hope you get it all worked out. Wed, Dec 2, 1: Custom work issues Hi Mr. Williams, I just received my Dan Wesson CCO back that I had you guys work over for me, unfortunately some of the work appears to be off. It's my understanding that proper ball cuts should line up with the end of the dustcover, like on my TRP Op, which mine don't. The biggest issue though is they aren't even.

One side comes back further than the other. I've attached pictures illustrating the issue. The second issue is the EGW oversized firing pin stop. I can provide pictures of you'd like. The third issue is the bevel on the bottom edge of the slide. I've attached a picture but it's much more evident in person. May I have the ball cuts evened out and back to the dustcover, the bevel by the slide stop notch evened out, and an EGW 'flat bottom' FPS installed please? Thank you, Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 2: Custom work issues Mr.

Williams, My apologies for a second email but I didn't want to forget; the Performance rear sight the shop installed is tilted. I can stick a. I've attached a picture showing the gap. Thank you, From: Wed, Dec 2, 2: RMA Good Afternoon Xxxxx, In regards to your ball cuts as we recall, ball cut points are even on each side of the slide but the frame was off on the one end of the dustcover.

The tech did not remove material from your frame to eliminate the possibility of making a gap between the two dust covers. The tech can take a look at it and see if he can clean the ball cuts up a bit more. The firing pin stop — have to look at it when the pistol comes back. The bevel on the slide was the best that could be done without interfering with the notches.

The bevel cannot be exact with your other pistol or the pictures. Let us take a look at your pistol and see what can be done. Wed, Dec 2, 3: Custom work issues Hey xxxxx — we will take a look at the sight also when addressing the other issues. Thank you — please include a letter or this email in with the pistol for the tech. Amanda K Sent: Wednesday, December 02, 3: Amanda K; Dave Williams Subject: I've attached another picture using the straight edge to give true perspective.

I also measured with the calipers and the ball cuts are off in relation to the slide. The carry cuts however are correctly lined up in all aspects. I've attached a picture showing how I wanted the ball cuts aligned when I put "Ball cuts, back to the dustcover" in my letter. Regarding the bevel on the slide; I've attached a new picture and if you look at the slide stop notch the left bevel is further out. I'm just looking to get it to match the one on the right side of the notch.

I've attached a picture showing run the old factory stop and the new one. While the new one is slightly less angled I'm looking for a true small radius, just breaking the edge. I've always heard through the forums that SACS's work is always on point so I'm not sure what happened with this pistol but after waiting for two months to have it returned so uneven is very disappointing and surprising. Please understand, Amanda, I'm not upset with you, I know you didn't do the work.

I will compile all the pictures and write a detailed explanation to include with the pistol. Any assistance you could lend in helping my place in line would be greatly appreciated!

Wed, Dec 2, 4: RMA Hey Xxxxx — more detail the better for tech and we will address when we receive your pistol in right away. Letter sent with pistol: Hello, Thank you for taking the time to work on my pistol.

The issues are the following: Thank you, Xxxxxx RMA A week goes by with no contact. Friday, December 11, RMA Hi Amanda, I saw my pistol arrived on Monday and wanted to touch base and see if they've had a chance to look it over. I also wanted to give you a secondary phone number, my main cell has been having issues recognizing my sim card.

Fri, Dec 11, Williams to come back from an business trip to inspect. He should be in the office next week and I will contact you after he evaluates the pistol.

Thank you, Amanda K 2 weeks go by with no contact. As far as I know, based on what I was told, my pistol has been sitting there for 3 weeks with no movement. Mon, Dec 28, 2: Unfortunately it's been three weeks that my pistol has been there without even being looked at yet.

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Find great deals on eBay for springfield armory custom shop grips. Shop with confidence. Custom Shop Springfield Armory A ACP caliber pistol. Custom shop target model with adjustable sights, upgrade features and 2-tone finish. Excellent condition.

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Jan 11,  · Done with Springfield Armory Custom Shop (SACS) work Discussion in ' One of the reasons I send custom work to custom gunsmiths versus a custom shop because of the personal relationship you can have and knowing who is actually working on it. I do hope you get it all worked out Addicts is the premiere Forum for enthusiasts. It’s called the Springfield Armory Professional A1. This gun defines the Springfield Custom Shop. f you want one of these at list price, you’re waiting months for them to get to your order.